Please have a look at research papers about the potentials of zero-waste and packaging-free:

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Packaging-Free / Zero-Waste Shops Maastricht University (UM) – International Centre for Integrated assessment and Sustainable development (ICIS)

Istas, Donatienne
2019, August"Expansion of the local, organic and zero-packaging food concept in three contexts: zero-packaging grocery stores, conventional supermarkets, and ecostores"English
Packaging-free / Zero-Waste ShopsUtrecht University


Saladino, Giulia
2018, September"The Packaging-free Grocery Stores Phenomenon in Italy: key characteristics, drivers and barriers. A sustainable entrepreneurship perspective"English (abstract in Italian)
Packaging-Free / Zero-Waste Shops Jönköping International Business School


Özülkü, Esra
Senger, Pia
2018, May"German Generation Y’s Purchase Intention towards Packaging-Free Products: A TPB Approach"English
Food Packaging Corvinus University of Budapest


Varga, Zsófi
2018"Napi fogyasztási cikkek csomagolásának vizsgálata a fenntarthatóság jegyében"Hungarian
Food Packaging / Food WasteInstitute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP). A study by Zero Waste Europe and Friends of the Earth Europe.
2018"Unwrapped: How throwaway plastic is failing to solve Europe’s food waste problem (and what we need to do instead)"English (available in other languages)
MicroplasticsThe Handbook of Environmental Chemistry 58

Eriksen, Marcus
Thiel, Martin
Prindiville, Matt
Kiessling, Tim
2017"Freshwater Microplastics / Microplastic: What Are the Solutions?"English
Circular EconomyNovia University of Applied Sciences
(Vaasa/Novia) (11.12.2017)


Bod, Thijs
Durieux ,Killian
Greco, Jonathan
Reuter, Alina
2017"Final report for the European Project Semester of the Degree Programme : Circular Economy"English
Packaging-Free / Zero-Waste ShopsNational Sun Yat-Sen University


(Hui-Shiun Lin)

指導教授:鄭義 博士
(Dr. Yih Jeng)
2017"Master of Business Administration in International Business National Sun Yat-Sen University Master Thesis (國立中山大學管理學院國際經營管理碩士學程 碩士論文) - Say No to Plastic Packaging: The Research on Packaging Free Supermarket and Future Development (跟塑膠包裝說不:無包裝超市現況及未來發展之 研究) - June 2017 (中華民國 106年6)"Chinese (Mandarin, Traditional, Taiwan)
Packaging-Free / Zero-Waste ShopsMasaryk University
Faculty of Economics and Administration

(Czech Republic)

Janotková, Natália (Bc.)
2017"Masarykova univerzita Ekonomicko-správní fakulta Studijní obor: Podniková ekonomika a management - PODNIKATELSKÝ PLÁN (Business plan) - Diplomová práce (2017)"Czech
Packaging-Free / Zero-Waste ShopsZero Waste Europe2017"Seizing the opportunity: using plastic only where it makes sense"English
Packaging-Free / Zero-Waste ShopsJournal of Cleaner Production

Beitzen-Heineke, Elisa F.
Balta-Ozkan, Nazmiye
Reefke, Hendrik
2017"The prospects of zero-packaging grocery stores to improve the social and environmental impacts of the food supply chain"English
Packaging-Free / Zero-Waste ShopsUniversidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. Escola de Administração. Curso de Administração.


Menti, Luíza Fialho
2017"Disposição dos consumidores de Porto Alegre a comprar em um supermercado sem embalagens : uma alternativa ao desperdício de alimentos"Portuguese
Packaging-Free / Zero-Waste ShopsInternational Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics


Smits Sandano, Alexia
2016"IIIEE Thesis 2016. Barriers and Incentives to Zero Packaging Food. Retail: A Global Stocktake. | Thesis for the fulfilment of the Master of Science in Environmental Management and Policy Lund, Sweden, September 2016"English
Packaging-Free / Zero-Waste Shops Lund University

Division of Packaging Logistics | Department of Design Sciences Faculty of Engineering LTH


Sjölund, Vilhelm
2016"Zero Waste within the food sector and an evaluation of the package-free distribution of two different food products. The environmental impact of different packaging models of oats and rapeseed oil: a case study of a Danish package-free retail store compared to a reference, packaged scenario"English
Food Packaging Journal of Agricoltural Food Chemistry

Risch, Sara J.

2009"Food Packaging History and Innovations"English
Food Packaging The Institute of Food Technologists


Marsh, Kennet
Bugusu, Betty

2007"Food Packaging—Roles, Materials, and Environmental Issues"English