Thanks for checking this out…

…it’s Rutger Muller (founder, designer) here. I’m part of the Bepakt team together with Giulia Saladino (sustainability professional, researcher of Italian zero-waste niche), Guus Rietbergen (designer-developer) and Remko Dijksma (interface designer).

Since 2014, we’ve been voluntarily building the most complete open knowledge base about zero-waste supermarkets/shops. By offering independent, accurate and exhaustive data, we deliver accurate data for journalism, research, education and other forms of knowledge sharing.

Thus far, we haven’t found enough funding to gain any financial compensation for our work. Neither do we have enough resources to give our website the practical and aesthetic upgrade it needs. (Our 2020 crowdfunding wasn’t successful, but still offers interesting information and beautiful images of shops across the globe:

Hence, we are taking a different approach now. We’ll hold on to our current (imperfect) design and ask help from you, the zero-waste grassroots community. That way we can keep gathering and sharing impactful zero-waste data about shops, crowdfunding campaigns, research papers, courses, and perhaps more!

We hope you will gain a valuable and interesting experience from working with us. You will be trained in using WordPress and Tablepress.

—> Interested? Questions? Please get in touch with me via or +31650824571

Thanks again!

(On the photo background: Little Plant Pantry, Amsterdam)

P.S. a peak into the possible future:

Future Bepakt web design – mock-up by Remko Dijksma

Future Database Structure – by the Bepakt team: